It happens to all of us 100%

After a busy working day, you get to the house and as bored as you are, you feel being quickened. A look on your right is your partner. You jump unto him but his reaction is opposite that you experience on other times.

It quickly turns a knob in your brain. You begin wondering if your partner has no feelings for you again, or probably he is angry at something you might have done…

How hard and hurtful it feels…

Your partner is not angry at you! Your partner still feels the same way as he met you for the first time. Why then is he reacting differently?

The answer is, you are a victim of the famous psychology theory FAtE- Fundamental Attribution Error.

This theory unfurls how we humans give personality-based explanations for other people’s behaviour more than situational errors.

In otherwords, we tend to assume the way people treat us is a reflection of how they feel about us. But much of time, this assumption is comprehensively wrong.

In the above scenario, your partner may seem distracted. In fact, he is distracted. And all it means, in another way, is that you are not always the centre of his universe.

That doesnt mean your partner doesnt care so much about you, but that he thinks about other stuffs as well.

How then do we overcome this?

Accept what you can’t change

Accepting that it is a normal occurrence in life tends to safe us from such emotional worries. It is amazing to know that even the coiner of this theory more often suffers this theory too.

Never beat yourself up when you are faced with such situations. Accept that it is normal, and guys even impassively experience such things too.

Cross-check your assumptions

If you feel you have had a less-than-perfect talk with your partner, sometimes, asking your partner about their situation may lessen your emotional burden and save you from emotional derangements.

Accept that it is normal and bound to happen in lifetime.


Ebony warns Fans

Famous Ghanaian female dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns, has thrown strong vituperative words at her male fans who send her pictures of their manhood to abstain from masturbating with her nude pictures.

The artiste who recently enterred into the music industry with hit songs like “kupe,” showing romantic graphics and lyrics has gained prominence and the attention of most of the public, if not all.

She said in an interview on 3FM’s showbiz927 on saturday that some male fans send her pictures of their manhood masturbating with her nude seductive pictures.

“I have received a couple of pictures of their manhoods with my pictures masturbating. I want them to be aware that I am not the one spurring them on to do this peccant act. Before they do, they must know what masturbation is about. I am not responsible for their actions,” she said.

Faculty of Pharmacy Welcomes Freshers

The faculty of Pharmacy has enrolled a new sect of individuals into its premises. The admission begins this Friday, 1st September, 2017.

Out of the thousands of students admitted into Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST, about 300 was slated for the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

The Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) program, which is an offshoot and a build-up of the formerly known Bpharm, is an undergraduate professional degree program spanning a duration of six (6) years. KNUST is the premier university to start this program, with its first batch occupying the sixth level now.

The main aim of this program is to clinically orient its graduates, with the first four years serving as a preparatory phase while the last two (2) years serve for clinical purposes.

The administration of the faculty officially welcomes the fresh pharmacy inmates into the confines of the faculty this Monday, 4th September, 2017. As part of this welcome, they will be asked to pen down their names and other details for their registration and, also, some souvenirs will be issued to them.

When all odds are against you

If you tossed a coin myriad times in a gamble waiting for the tail to win  in support of me, then you would be waiting probably for eternity. I was just a quintessence of truancy. I virtually missed all except when lectures was to be handled by my academic tutor. Despite the unfriendly nature of the semester, I enjoyed a brisk semester by ricochetting from one party to another. I hardly missed any birthday party. 

Not that my alarm was faulty; my alarm had tintinnabulated with a shrill tone, but I had slept in profundity that I could not even feel the weight of a placard that had fallen on my face, and the amazing part was that the sound had lasted for almost an hour. I took a stimulant- caffeine- to help him stay awake throughout the night but all I did became dead in the water. I woke up after two hours when my exam for the day was about commencing. So I wore the shirt I wore the ereyesterday, slipped my foot into one of my old sneakers and hurried to the exam centre. It is amazing how all these menaces never inclined me to fret. 

With my equableness I strutted to join the queue waiting for my turn to enter. My first two touches, one on each side of my pocket, was a big wake-up call to me. I had left my student ID card in my cubicle! “Really?” I asked myself. I pleaded for consideration from the security man, but the security man did not grant me favour. I was only made to enter after I explained things to my academic tutor. 

I strolled through the lanes searching for my seat. I found my seat eventually at the back when one guy signalled me. I sat, shaded my index number and all other protocols. It was at the course code session I realised I had learnt a different course. My heart began to thump. I began to process my prayers, and fortunately or unfortunately for me, I happened to sit in tandem to the best student of my class, Samuel. I made the cross sign and sighed greatly. “B))dee33 ooo.”(lol) 

Coincidentally, samuel’s paper was skewed to the right so I could see unto it with no obstruction. Under twenty minutes, I finished the paper and did not even bother skimming through to look out for and correct mistakes. Not even a cursory look! Before, I had seen an inscription as “W23” on the top right corner of samuel’s scantrom, but it never pricked or tickled me. I stood and submitted my paper. It was then I knew the meaning of that inscription on samuel’s paper. 

Each one was supposed to check the footpage of page 8 for a secret code and then rewrite on the top of the scantrom. I had not done that. Quickly, my hands began to shake. My lips were jiggling in tetany. “Gentleman, what is it? Submit your paper and leave!” A satiric voice told me. I looked to see my mates and, then, up. Tears started to trickle down. I had copied wrongly. My secret code was Y12. What was I going to do?

My pen cries; Guest post

When dryness parted ways with Circle

And all extinguishers were upset

Innocent souls bade untimely bye 

To us who survived.

When the pillars of Melcom

Could no longer hold it to position

And licensed it ruins

The story of life was once again

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Told by an idiot;

Souls left this phase of the world

To its second.

I know of just two seasons 

In my homeland Ghana.

Yet a time came

That we registered a third.

The season which birthed too much pain;

The suicide season.

 Let me pause a minute 

To console the affected;

Family, friends and the entire human race. 

I wish I could whisper

To them in their graves

That IT still lives

The very reason they died for,

Still lives. 

Sorry if the world was too small

To contain your quandaries.

The pain of the oppressed 

Is counted joy for the oppressor

The sanity of the innocent 

Never ceases to be naivity for the infidel. 

My pen cries tears of loneliness 

I am lonely like Amma Darko is.

If my modified breathe can’t call for a reform, 

Then my pen, my sword, 

Should stab this albatross of mishap

That hangs around our necks to death.

I sit on my couch 

To recollect those memories in tranquility 

Those days 

When we sit outside

From dusk to dawn

To enjoy granny’s tales

But what do we see today? 

The vices of this world

Have placed curfews on us. 

My pen cries weary tears for reform

The world can be a little better, 

If not the best.

My pen critiques negligence and indifference 

Let’s not be architects of our own problems.

The Tabernacle

After genuflecting before the altar and sending my prayers in procession to the Father, who is seated in the heavenly places, it dawned on me to read Exodus 25 through to chapter 30, and in this I realised something great. Something precious. Something eternal. 

“Make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.” Exodus 25:8

“Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you.” Exodus 25:9

After skimming through this whole chapters, I understood all things except for one thing- The Tabernacle. So I decided to seek after God, and this was the realisation: 

The Tabernacle is like a football field, with short pillars (60 of them) arranged round the field with a flat board linking adjacent pillars. Each pillar had two hooks through which ropes were passed to fasten them to the field.
​”And then I will dwell among the Israelites and be their God. They will know that I am the Lord their God, who brought them out of Egypt so that I might dwell among them.” Saith the Lord

A zoom of one short pillar revealed a cap-like structure and a foot-like structure. The cap-like structure was made of silver, while the foot-like structure was made of brass. And the shaft of the pillar was made of gold. 

I became more confused, and I was like ‘what does these all stand for, spiritually?’ 

But the spirit of the Lord did not dare to leave me in limbo, but rather explained to me:

The silver represents grace; the brass, judgement; and the gold (which represents Power) shaft, The saint. And the link between adjacent pillars represents the bond unifying all saints. 

The gold shaft (the saint) standing on the brass (judgement) and making it its footstool means that all saints have overcome judgement, and that no judgement awaits saints: For we have overcome. 

However, the gold shaft (the saint) beneath the silver cap (grace) means that all saints are under the grace of God, and that no one is greater than the grace of God Almighty.

The thumping of my heart begun to wane, and a smile flickered across my face. 

This gives me hope that, truly and indeed, I have overcome judgement!!! I hope you believe too.


Are women naturally subordinated to men?

 The convention of women in our traditional or modern societies being subordinated to men dates back to time immemorial.It has been so since creation although it might not be viewed in the same lens by everyone.However,this does not imply that women are totally robbed of their powers as humans in society.It is simply nature that has conducted a segregation excercise to put men in a higher position to dominate over women. 

The concept of patriarchy is one that has become the proverbial albatross that hangs around the necks of many philosophers in their quest to unravel the mystery behind the assymmeteric men-women power relationships.Patriarchy is an institutionaliized system wherein women are in all spheres of life subordinated to men.This system is inherent to the Ghanaian traditional cultural set up. 

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Inferring from the etymology of the word “patriarchy”, one would realize that men are naturally born to take dominion over women and they are in turn required to subordinate themselves to men.It is therefore believed that subordination is also inherent in women and thus this pattern cannot be changed. Contrastingly, the likes of Frederick Engels (1884) argued that women’s subordination to men is man-made which sprang from the development of private property and hence has the tenacity to change. 

Also, in the family system, men play the highest role as heads of the family and steer all affairs of the family.In the Ghanaian traditional system,married women are obliged to take on the surnames of men (husbands) as a symbol of ownership.Thus the average Ghanaian woman loses her name right after marriage and this apportions a measure of dominance to men.Men/husbands reserve the right to give identity to their children.In the Akan naming system, it is the man and his family who present the names for their children. It is only in rare cases that men would allow their wives to propose names for their children. 

The creation order of God naturally puts men above women.The Bible records in Genesis 2:21, “And the Lord God caused a sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh thereof. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman.” The first woman was thus created from the rib of man and through this,he is bound to have lordship over the woman. 

Notwithstanding the above submission, the Bible in Ephesians and colossians explicitly admonishes women in their married state as wives to submit themselves to their husbands.This has set the tone for the kind of hegemmonic relationship that should exist between men and women. Automatically, women are subordinated to men, and they consequently dominate over women. 

Gender has naturally presented two distinct characters in the human race theatre; the masculine and the feminine.This natural division has in one way or the other defined the powers of each side and drawn boundaries around it. Gender plays a key role in men’s dominance and women’s subordination. It pre-determines the capabilities and responsibilities of men and women in the society.Thus biological differences is not only what distinquishes men from women but rather includes the social classification which sets women below men and establish the dominance-subordination pattern.

The Twenty-first Century; guest post by Maame Akua Annan

Time is fast fleeting

And as the world transmutes

A generation has unfurled

Where civilisation

Gets more palpable.

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Is there innocence in this age?

Little does the world know

Youngsters acting mature

Howbeit nurtured in a virtuous ambience

Grow to be peccant.

Welcome to the new age;

Where precocity is misjudged

To be prudence

Civilisation collides with culture

And probity traded for bread.

Are you then culpable in this age

Where innocence is misconstrued

As primitivity?

Or principles underestimated

To be mere fallacies

Value or Money?

So I haven’t written for some time now. Ok… 
After a heavy fatty meal one afternoon, treading the streets, an intelligent question dropped on the foyer of my mind. I began to cogitate about it for about ten minutes. I had my answer on the eighth minute, but I decided to solicit two gentlemen who shortly passed by me. 

Considering the swift motion of theirs coupled with their sweaty face, I needed no one to tell me they were in a hurry to reach their destination. But I managed to seize them for about five minutes. 

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Whilst one of them–can’t remember which of them though–had the expression of ‘what’s all this’ drawn on his face, the other had no expression at all; he was just equable. 

So I asked them what they thought about, “value” or “money”? After positing the question, the taller of the two, without cogitating, answered impetuously. 


His counterpart stood in a pensive mood. And after grappling with it for some time, he managed to choose ‘value’. I refrained from probing the tall guy the more, but then asked the taller why he chose ‘money’. 

Money as we all know, he started, is good. Everyone wants money; not value. Besides, you can’t enjoy life with value. 

His assertion seemed right though. But I put in to him.

But don’t you think your value pays? Or, if I am to go according to your own words, doesn’t the value of money pay? Or, perhaps, let me explain value better to you. Your value is how much worth you carry. In other words, take a look at this pertinent question. If the worth of two things were ghc 500.00 and priceless, which of the two would you have a predilection for? The ghc 500.00 or the priceless? 

Throwing these myriad of questions at him catapulted him into a state of introspection. He began nodding his head, first with widened eyes, and then a flickering smile across his face. So I decided to reiterate the question. ‘value’ or ‘money’? And this time he re-echoed loudly, ‘value!’

The Maternal Love; Guest post by Maame Akua Annan


When nature paved way for my formation,
You received and kept me in your womb.

When the womb could no longer bear me,

You delivered me to see the world.


You consecrated me to Christ

Since the world couldn’t allot me salvation.

You sent me to school

Inasmuch as the house was not conducive

For an auspicious futurity.

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When the world castigated me,

You spurred me on.

But when I was led awry

By the delights of the world,

You chided me.

Dear mother,

I have pitched a monument of you

In my noble heart

That I will never forget you,

Your great love

And consummate care.