Her Ordeal    


                                     SEASON 01 EPISODE 02 

EVERY HOUR you woke, you would hear students arguing. From one corner to the other, tapping shoulders, filliping ears, flaunting various shoe brands, laughing loud, and making sure. 

The friends of Ade were no exception. This time it was about their achievements… 

“…, but juxtaposing their achievements, it is quite lucid that she overs the former long tennis captain. 4 cups against 2!; 4 finals against 3!; 3 semi-finals against 1…!”

 “And even still counting. There is absolutely nothing you can laud her for, except for her height. Yeah, height!” Cecilia backed Ade.

 It was a friday, and class was almost up. The students in the various teams had started meeting up, with some changing themselves into their sports attire. The fun games was up again! And gaeity was the mask on the faces of all students.

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 Ade, who is a member and a captain of the long tennis team, was also preparing with her friends. She wore an elbow pad, put on a hair scuff, and got her long tennis racket, which she kept in her locker. (Of course she had her sneakers on.) She had informed her boyfriend about the fun games a week or two ago. She wanted him to see her play the tennis. Probably, it would be a source of motivation for her, One might say. But the worst could also happen in his presence. Sometimes, being too optimistic can be devastating and unhealthy. 

“hey, the fun games is almost up, and would want you there. No excuses this time,” Ade vehemently said.

 “Ok. That’s fine. I will be there to support you,” Larkin said with a slight straightface at the end of his utterance. Could his jittery remark mean he wasn’t going?

 A moment there of they set off for the pitch. The pitch was highly flooded with students; people from all walks of life gathered there to watch and enjoy that pleasurable aura, and to probably see the winners of the various sports.

 Some years into the past, much attention was given to football and volley ball. The novel paradigm shift to long tennis only occured in recent years, when Eneola, the immediate past captain of the long tennis team, out of passion and dedication, made an unprecedented historical mark of winning twice in a roll, all against males. 

“You are one of a kind. Congratulations, and keep it up,” the headmistress lauded her, and added. “We wish to have more of your kind.” 

The games had begun. Concerning the long tennis, it was Ade against the business school’s winner, Michael. He was such a brilliant player, who won two cups for his side; won a medal, and a golden boot. Based on their achievements, Ade was undoubtedly better than Michael. 

“25…19,” the scoreboard registered. It was Ade trailblazing. The funs of Ade were celebrating with much noise; whistling; and beating drums… 

The game went on and on and on until somewhere in the final end of the first half something hideous and uncommon happened… 

After a shot from Michael, which saw the ball move towards Ade with a deflection, Ade motionlessly was locked, and the only option left for her was just to hit the ball with her racket. It nearly could have been an ace, but she correctly hit the ball crediting her with a point mark; however, her racket rolled back and hit her in the face right under her right eye. There was a deep cut, and a heavy down-pour of blood. The funs were obliviously jubilating, hailing Ade for her incredible hit of the ball.

 Within some few minutes, Ade was slowingly moving down. Gibbrit, one of Ade’s friends, noticed the slow sinking of Ade, and notified one of their teachers. Ade gradually went down until she was caught in the arms of the teacher. 

She was hurriedly rushed to the school’s clinic. In all this the time took, Ade was unconscious. Cecilia sneaked out of the pitch to follow up on Ade. On her way, she stopped by a phone boot and dialled the number of Larkin to divulge the incidence: 

“He-l–lo Lar–kin,” she said with gravity and a break in her voice, ” It’s about Ade. She correctly hits the ball, which won her a point, but her racket rolls back and hits her on the face right under her right eye, stunning her…At the moment, she’s at the school’s clinic.”

 “Hello Doctor.” Larkin added ” Please how is Ade?” 


 They exchanged words while they walked through the long hallway, heading to the Doctor’s cubicle. 

“yeah. The girl who was admitted here last three days with a cut under her right eye.” 

“Ok. I remember now but cool down, huh.” He nodded and mumbled few words under his breath. 

“You must be her boy…strange boyfriend, uhuh?” He mouthed while stifling a yawn. 

“You can take a seat over there.” The doctor said while he went through the patients’ folders stashed on his table.

 Larkin slightly furrowed his eyebrow while he looked up from the desk to the eyes of the Doctor. 

“I am her boyfriend, but not a strange one.” He gasped. 

“Your girlfriend is admitted in the clinic and you come here after three solid days to inquire of her, and you think you are not strange?” The Doctor objurgated rhetorically. Anyway, she’s coping and we are yet to stitch her laceration. If you want to see her, take the route before you reaching the end of the hall way. Her door is to the left.” 

“Thank you.” Larkin jammed from the chair without asking for the room number and hurdled to see Ade.

“Room 24M.” The doctor chirped and finally grimmed.


This was the third time (the first somewhere at a pool side) Larkin did not show up on Ade on crucial moments. Moments that any two people who are an item would love to meet, and cheer one up just as Ade had wanted it to be… 

Did Larkin have tangible reasons for his absenteeisms? Or, he was just a fickle lover? 

The story unfolds… 


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