Good Vibes

In my reverie, while I sat in a chair rocking back and forth, I decided to stop the pencil at the margin…

But after bouncing back from exhaustion it pricked me to write a story just as any writer will do… 


Widdup was an average person, who did not earn so much from his work, but tried to chill at the club, at least, once in two weeks to have fun and be relieved of stress that has compounded in him. One friday, he was at the club, and there he saw one beautiful lady in a short mini skirt, exposing her soft, enticing thighs…with a vest-like tank top that exposed her cleavages and her navel area. 

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“Hey…I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.” That was his pick up line with the girl he met at the club. He said with a smile.

 “haha…you must be an interesting guy.” She said while she bit her lips lightly.

 Honestly, Angelina was a beautiful girl that not anyone at all could approach, let alone to start up a dialogue with her- she was approached by rich handsome men. 

Who was Widdup to have approached her? He wasn’t that handsome; he wasn’t earning that much- a dual menace!

 Although Widdup was the least of men, he had the confidence to approach any lady of his choice, and vibes to melt their hearts at first sight.

 She pulled the lady to one corner of the club, sat round a table with her and ordered for some drinks from the bartender. They chat and had fun.

 “Ladies first. So you’ve got to tell me your name, uhuh.” 

“You seem to go with chivalries. Anyway, I’m Angelina.” 

“Wow, nice name. Next is me, uhuh.” 

“I’m Widdup.”

 “Do you live around here?” 

“No. I’m on the next two streets from here- B street.” 

“really? I’m also on that same street, the picturesque flat on your right.” 

During their conversation, occasionally, Angelina tapped his shoulders while she laughed. Was she falling for this average guy called Widdup? Or, perhaps, it was just an act of flirtation? Well but sometimes it is difficult seeing the end from the beginning so let’s not bother imagining the end- time is the best teller. 

After having a nice time with her, he asked to be excused- he had nowhere important to go though. Maybe it was part of his ‘women-conning adventure’- I’m only thinking. 

“Would you hold this while we go for a walk,”  He mouthed with a cajoling voice while he stretched forth his right arm. He took her contact; they rambled and finally returned to the place where he met her. He hugged her warmly and kissed her cheeks, saying in a very low tone: 

“It was nice having you. Catch you later.” 

That small act of Widdup sensitized Angelina that she wished she could get hold of him for that whole night. But… 

She watched Widdup closely while he departed, intermittently waving at him. 

Albeit Widdup was an average person, he always tried to look as presentable as he could. His hair was curly, and he had a light-toned skin, which made the hairs on his arm very visible; his nose was flat; his upper lip was pouted.


Angelina entered into the university, pursued her program of interest and finally became married to Widdup, who then became an aide to the manager of his workplace.
Where you meet a girl does not matter. Life is what you perceive and want it to be…


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