She got into a car with Johnny and Raina, a seemingly nice, young couple with a baby, while hitchhiking to a friend’s birthday party. She never got to the birthday party. 

About fifteen minutes into driving, Johnny pulled off to a dirt road. He held a knife at her throat, and threatened to kill her. He bound her, bagged her and put a homemade box on her head. 

“What’s your name, and where were you going to?” Johnny asked her while she still had the homemade box on her head. She was quiet without any answer. 

“Hey, you slut, I am talking to you.” He mouthed while he smothered her through strangulation. 

“I am Nancy. I was going to a friend’s birthday party and I decided to hitchhike, and believing you to possess compassion and radiate kindness to me, you rather proved me wrong.” She whined. 

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She was squeezed into a coffin-like box, and kept under a water-bed. She spent all but an hour in the box. A day never passed without her facing humiliations like scolding, rape, and assaults. 

Being at the end of one’s tether in conditions like this is a next-likely thing to happen. But she restrained herself because the result of that is just an exacerbation of the illicit actions of the those involved- The captors. 

In the light of this, although her life was in limbo, she spent all her twenty-three hours traveling around her fondest places in her mind. It was something that made her happier and immune to the harsh conditions she faced. 

One night she was freed from 11pm-12am. Johnny had awaken her to warn her. 

“I belong to a child-trafficking fraternity. They know about your presence here. Don’t try to escape in an attempt of self-manumission. Otherwise I would be killed.” 

His countenance, coupled with his assertion, was true but she couldn’t believe at that time because he had lied to her earlier. (He had told her earlier that they help and care for strangers.) Without any evidence to the contrary, she decided to stick to his ‘plan’. It was only that night she enjoyed one of the nicest wines the couple had sipped early in the afternoon. 

She could have threatened him with his ‘plan’ though. But she decided to remain sober. After all no position is permanent! 

How could someone in a deep well like this presume so? 

On her arrival at their quaint appartment she had asked if she could get the bible, and Raina said to “be her guest.” Raina hadn’t been warm for several days. She had told Nancy before that her demeanor was none of her business so she didn’t bother probing further. 

Nancy either did one or both of these while she was cooped up in the coffin-like box: 

Either she read her bible or wandered around her fondest places in her mind. All was meant to achieve the same result-feel gay! She forwarded the preponderous of her thoughts to the bible. She prayed most of the time for a divine intervention to liberate her from this state of oblivion.


In the wake of tension and incriminations, probably due to her long prayers, Raina walked up to her one evening and told her that she needed to escape before taking her to her parents’ home while Johnny was out of the house. Even though it seemed Raina was helping her, it, in one way or the other, helped her in return. She had been scared of her husband’s endeavour, and that she had sought for a way to protect herself before her husband turned to her. She quickly hurried to the police to make her statement.


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