Value or Money?

So I haven’t written for some time now. Ok… 
After a heavy fatty meal one afternoon, treading the streets, an intelligent question dropped on the foyer of my mind. I began to cogitate about it for about ten minutes. I had my answer on the eighth minute, but I decided to solicit two gentlemen who shortly passed by me. 

Considering the swift motion of theirs coupled with their sweaty face, I needed no one to tell me they were in a hurry to reach their destination. But I managed to seize them for about five minutes. 

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Whilst one of them–can’t remember which of them though–had the expression of ‘what’s all this’ drawn on his face, the other had no expression at all; he was just equable. 

So I asked them what they thought about, “value” or “money”? After positing the question, the taller of the two, without cogitating, answered impetuously. 


His counterpart stood in a pensive mood. And after grappling with it for some time, he managed to choose ‘value’. I refrained from probing the tall guy the more, but then asked the taller why he chose ‘money’. 

Money as we all know, he started, is good. Everyone wants money; not value. Besides, you can’t enjoy life with value. 

His assertion seemed right though. But I put in to him.

But don’t you think your value pays? Or, if I am to go according to your own words, doesn’t the value of money pay? Or, perhaps, let me explain value better to you. Your value is how much worth you carry. In other words, take a look at this pertinent question. If the worth of two things were ghc 500.00 and priceless, which of the two would you have a predilection for? The ghc 500.00 or the priceless? 

Throwing these myriad of questions at him catapulted him into a state of introspection. He began nodding his head, first with widened eyes, and then a flickering smile across his face. So I decided to reiterate the question. ‘value’ or ‘money’? And this time he re-echoed loudly, ‘value!’


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