KNUST ready to organise its 2nd White Coat Ceremony for its Second Batch of PHARMD students-#PharmDIsComing

When the certainty of science began to grow in the nineteenth century, scientists of this contemporary world decided to set themselves apart from the quackery and mysticism of the old in the practice of medicine. As part of this offshoot, they introduced the ‘White Coat’.

The White Coat Ceremony (WCC) is a ‘ritual’ performed by many health sciences to usher their final years into their clinical years from their pre-clinical years.

This practice lately has crawled into the field of the Doctor of Pharmacy programme, and this year the second batch of this highly-esteemed undergraduate profession in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-KNUST- who are yet to graduate, is yet to enjoy another heart-warming White Coat Ceremony (WCC) which comes off this Thursday 12th of October, 2017 at the CCB AUDITORIUM-KNUST commencing exactly at 10:00AM, with the keynote speaker being Mr. Benjamin Botwe, the President of the Pharmateutical Society of Ghana, Ag Rectòr Ghana College of Pharmacists.

Pharmacy has, until recently, been industry- and academia-biased, with inadequate attention to clinical care. This has led to a number of lapses in the provision of quality pharmaceutical care in clinical settings.

It has been evidenced by the FDA that medication errors cause at least 1 death everyday and injure approximately 1.3 million individuals annually. This has become the problem of this modern era due to increasing complexity of pharmacotherapy.

Therefore, a new sect of individuals with different skills and improved knowledge are needed to assist with the delivery or provision of pharmaceutical care…

The long-awaited solution is now born- The Doctor of Pharmacy programme! This undergraduate professional degree, a six-year course, was born in Ghana in the year 2012.

It came not to dislodge the Bpharm of the old, but to fill it full. The PharmD seeks to provide extensive didactic professional clinical preparation as well as clinical training in various hospitals.

Yet-to-be graduates are poised and enthused to wax lyrical about the improvement in quality of healthcare that this novel paradigm shift in pharmacy will rain on its patients.


If you are looking for justification for the pharmD, turn to the current shortage of primary care physicians- a problem that is predicted to grow in the coming years.

A team of PharmD is confident to fill this void and serve as valued physician extenders.



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