KNUST hosts 2nd White Coat Ceremony (WCC)

The faculty of Pharmacy hosted its second White Coat Ceremony (WCC) on thursday, 12th October, 2017 at the CCB AUDITORIUM-KNUST.

The ceremony, and for that matter the White Coat Ceremony, was organised to usher the currently 5th years of the undergraduate profession into their clinical years after four years of pre-clinical studies.

The ceremony which was moderated by Dr. Cynthia Amaning Danquah, a pharmacology lecturer, staged the following dignitaries:

FDA representative, Secretary of Christian council, Former Deans of College of Health Sciences, Registrar of Pharmacy Council, Provost of College of Health Science (CoHS), Preceptors and Parents.

The current Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Mrs. Rita Dickson, delivered an insightful speech after the ceremony was set into motion with an opening prayer from Dr. Joseph Adu, a pharmaceutical chemistry lecturer.

The Dean in her speech also expressed her gratitude to PSGH, Preceptors, and Alumni for their unwavering support in making the ceremony a successful one.

Going back in time, the President of the PSGH-Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana- unfurled how the pharmacy programme began and how far it has come.

“KNUST are the pioneers of the pharmacy profession. Pharmacy in earlier times awarded a diploma certificate, and then transitioned to the Bpharm (four years duration) which awarded a degree, and finally to the six years undergraduate degree, now called Doctor of Pharmacy. In other words, pharmacy has seen a paradigm from far-off patient to near-patient care.”

The president, despite aware of the main focus of the pharm D, entreated the students to venture into the area of research. “Some of you must go into research, identify new molecules and impact the lives of others.”

In his wrap-up message, he assured all and sundry, and for that matter posterity, that the pharm D programme has come to stay with us for good.

Professor Ansah, the past Dean of the pharmacy faculty and now a pro-Vice Chancellor, also did not go unheard. He acknowleged stakeholders, and flagged up two indispensable signatures of a pharmacist: Truthfulness and Transparency.

“As upcoming decorous pharmacists, key elements as truthfulness and transparency should be your hallmark.”

The insightful, invigorating but long discourses was capped off with the “moment of gowning and recitation of the pledge”. Dignitaries were called upon including parent pharmacists to gown the students of the ceremony.

Miss Dora, a student of the ceremony, gave the vote of thanks, and Professor Merlin, lecturer in the department of pharmacognosy, called the ceremony to an ecclesiastic end with a prayer.

The benediction was recited by Prof. Opuni Frimpong


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