The lecture room was draughty, and its chairs and tables were also  dusty. Students trickled in with mincing steps as though they were shy of the students already seated. Myopics and hypermetropics intermittently removed and cleaned their lenses for a better view. I could hear birds sing and chirp on the trees nearby. 
The door opened slowly, then widely. It was the lecturer standing in the door. And I being at the far back of the room saw him first before the whole class. He was in an amazing plight. 

“I will be teaching for only 30minutes. I promise. We are discussing geometry today, and in this I will expound a recondite to you. I hope you enjoy it…Alright, mathematicians have told us that all real objects existed in three dimension. That is, objects with length, breadth and height could only exist. We-all, through the natural infirmity of our flesh, have believed this for so many years. But here i am in a surreal positon to disprove this long-lasted theory.” 

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After speaking at length, he sighed greatly. We all sat quietly and listened with rapt attention, although a few yawned portending either hunger or tiredness. But I guess they yawned because of the former (lol). 

“Let me continue. There seem to be another dimension of space. A critical look at the theory of general relativity will reveal a new dimension. The dimension of time! This new dimension of space seems to explain why we-all exist, in one way or the other. To make it simpler, can an instantaneous object exist? Well, i shall explain this later in the study.”

 The lecture seemed to be becoming interesting. At the pose of his question, most sleeping students woke up. Most of us began folding our arms across our thoracic. One clever student undistractedly gazed at the lecturer, nodding his head in a way that showed he was following the lesson. I was also in a pensive mood, but could not grasp whatever he said and meant because, at a point, I lapsed into an introspection, probably thinking about something. Something that I can’t put too fine a point on. 

“Erm, I think Yes. Because I have heard that anything that has a name exists.” George answered to the lecturer in a funny way. The whole class burst out with laughter. 

“Alright. Well tried. Another analogy from the three dimension of space explains that we are free to move in any of the dimensions, the easiest going either left or right; forward and backward; and little of upward because gravity limits us. But let’s look at this: 

If you sit in a chair for your whole lifetime without moving, will you still experience growth? Of course yes. But in this scenario the person will not be moving along any of the dimensions of space. So the question is, ‘which dimension of space will the person be moving?’ Obviously, he will be moving in the dimension of time! Interesting, isn’t it?” 

A smile flickered across my face. I began nodding in unison with the idea of the time dimension of space. 

“Einstein must have reasoned fast! What an intellect!” I mumbled these under my breath. 

He turned his watch to look at his time. It was closing time already. So in conformity with his word, he paused and closed us. 

“We will discuss this some other time. Enjoy your week-end.” 

This short story is to elaborate shortly on the fourth dimension of space–TIME! So that you will appreciate astronomy.