Suspension of disbelief

                  [Police cars beeped… 

There was a great stampede again; this time it was a lifeless lass lying prostrate on top of an over-head pass. While others watched with sorrowful eyes and heart, others were nonchalant about the situation. I saw professional photographers take pictures of this lifeless being. Maybe, they – the pictures- were needed for their Newspapers headlines.


After the policemen arrived and did whatever they had to do, two people descended from an SUV car -a man and a lady- all in black suit. I was wondering what these people were, and what they arrived there to do? I was so curious that I sauntered behind the police cars only to get some metres close to them. There, I heard them introduce themselves: 

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“I am Chloe, a police detective,” She mouthed while showing her ID card. ”

“I am also Ellis, a forensic pharmacist.”

Does the presence of a forensic pharmacist give us any clue on the kind of issue at hand? Or, was someone behind the death of the victim, who had to be arrested? 

They walked up to the dead body. I saw the detective search the pockets of the dead body. Maybe she needed more clues to the identity of this victim. Luckily for her, she got hold of a purse-like object, she opened and found an ID card.

 “What is that?” The forensic pharm inquired. 

“it’s an ID ca…” just when she could mention the word, the forensic pharm pulled the card from in-between her fingers. He looked critically at it, and finally mumbled under his breath, “Green Street.” He then beckoned on the detective that they leave. On their way they took a detours to an eatery to have lunch. 

“Hello Ma’am. You must be the mother of this girl, Bestylove?” He mouthed while he showed her the picture on the ID card.

“yeah. That’s my daughter. She went to the pharmacy…and the next thing I heard was about her demise.” She blubbed while frantically pacing. 

“We’re sorry, Ma’am…please tell us something about her health.” Both the detective and the forensic pharm asked in unison. They looked each other in the face and smirked.

“She’s being battling hay fever for the past four weeks or so. So, as usual, she often visits one pharmacy by name Star Pharmacy” 

“Star Pharmacy!” The forensic pharm re-echoed under his breath. “Thank you, Ma’am.” They showed gratitude and departed.


“Hello. Is anyone here?” The detective demanded while she pat the surface of the counter. The forensic had taken a look at a drug on the shelf in a jiffy. 

“Yeah. I am the in-charge here. The pharmacist.” A masculine voice retorted with a foody mouth. It was a rotund blubbery man in a nice striped shirt tucked-in to a brown corduroy trousers. 

“Do you remember this girl?” The forensic pharm questioned while looking him in the eyes. 

“She came into my Pharmacy not long ago. Is something wrong with her?” Mr. Ashley, the Pharmacist, also inquired. 

“She is dead. And you are the cause of her death.” The forensic pharm frivolously threatened him. 

“I couldnt have done such a thing. I have been working for the past thirteen years, and besides her condition is not too serious as others. I gave her…” 

“Gave her what?”

“She came into my pharmacy complaining of hay fever. I gave her chlorpheniramine, but a week later she came back complaining of dry mouth and feeling tired all the time. So I swapped to terfenadine 60mg/d. She was here one week later and reported about a successful treatment. During their holidays, she developed candidiasis and treated that with itraconazole. Is there something wrong with my protocol?” Mr. Ashley explained.

 The forensic pharm listened with keen interest, but said nothing after Mr. Ashley was done talking. He beckoned on the detective that they leave. They disappeared without a word to Mr. Ashley. 

What really was the ‘element’ that caused her death? And where from it? 

They returned to Eunice, the mother of Bestylove, after two days to inquire more. 

“Good day, Eunice.” The detective added ” What did Bestylove eat?” 

“She took coffee for breakfast, and then ate rice at lunch.” 

“Is that all you can remember? Nothing in-between meals?” 

“Erm, No.” She responded while she still tried hard reminiscing… But that was all she could remember. The forensic pharm frantically paced biting his lips softly and finally moved to the window to take a view, while he still wondered. While they all wondered, Mavis, a friend of Bestylove, broke in from nowhere to inquire of Bestylove. She was oblivious of what had happened. 

“Old girl, can I please see Bestylove?” That was how the friends of Bestylove called her mother. It was how they all called their mothers. Eunice, upon hearing the name of her daughter again, and thinking about how Mavis and Bestylove were such good friends, she couldn’t help herself out but to sob deeply. 

“Can anyone talk to me?” Mavis whined while she held a look at the guests she met there. 

“We’re very sorry.” 

Mavis wept and curled up unto the sofa chair. 

“Did you see Bestylove eat anything?” The detective questioned Mavis. Mavis paused for a while thinking through and finally divulged her part of the story: 

“After school, Bestie and I, together with some friends of hers, passed by the pharmacy- Bestie had explained to us about going to the pharmacy. After, on our way home, Dorcas gave Bestylove some smoothies…we got to a T-junction and we departed…and now I am here to see her.” 

Eunice then recollected a bad blood once between Dorcas and Bestylove. 

“Smoothie???” The forensic pharm screamed, and departed from the premise to allow the acquittal of Mr. Ashley, who was kept under police custody. Aside his professional expertise, he liked and knew more about food. In simple terms, he was a foodie.

“Dorcas must have deliberately killed my daughter!!” She exclaimed. 

To whom it may concern: Some smoothies contain grapefruit as an ingredient. Grapefruit is a larger yellow fruit with somewhat acid juicy pulp. Grapefruit, in drug-drug interactions, is known to inhibit metabolism of terfenadine, a second generation antihistamine. Increased terfenadine plasma levels results in cardiac arrythmias, which probably culminated (in the case of Bestylove) in some few hours, causing the death as experienced by Bestylove. 

Those taking terfenadine should avoid grapefruit!